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We are Luxamed.

Welcome at Luxamed – one of the few medical technology companies, which manufactures its products in Germany.

We, Matthias Dubb, Bernhard Winter and Harald Bühler, worked many years for well-known German companies. As a result, we have many years of experience in the production as well as in distribution of medical devices. More and more, we became aware that there is a lot of improvement potential for many products. And with this thought to find rooms for improvement, the success story of Luxamed started.

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With creativity and many years of experience in production and distribution of diagnostic instruments our young team is developing and producing high quality devices – MADE IN GERMANY.

It is always a question of the own requirement. We have precise conceptions as our instruments have to be developed and produced. Therefore, apart from quality, our factory located in the center of Baden-Württemberg is making high demands on the areas of reliability, economy, environmental protection and safety standards.

This is especially evident in the development and production, in which we engage our suppliers from the first moment. Only high quality materials such as high-strength, polished, corrosion- and heat-resistant stainless steel or polished anodized aluminum are used in our products. However, our most important principle is still: handmade.

Enjoy the cooperation with us, we like it to be uncomplicated – convince yourself!


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