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Our product range currently comprises the following product groups and is constantly expanding.

To all our products, we are making high demands on quality, high quality materials and environmental protection.

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Innovative and forward-looking technology in LUXAMED products

luxamed led ring technology

LED Ring Technology

Illumination: LED-Ring. This technology makes the use of fibre optics unnecessary with nevertheless optimum illumination in the area of application. Field of vision is not restricted. All advantages of a single LED are fulfilled.
Protected by utility patent DE202013104278 U1.

luxamed led


llumination: LED bulb. The economical alternative to the regular LED bulb with lower energy consumption. Lifetime of approx. 100.000 hours. LEDs can be sterilized and are environmentally friendly.

luxamed led


Illumination: LED bulb. Reduced energy consumption as well as a higher shock resistance ensure a significantly longer service life of approx. 100.000 hours.
LEDs are environmentally friendly.

luxamed xenon


Illumination: Xenon bulb. The light of a xenon bulb gives, due to its high colour temperature, a colder impression than a light bulb. However, it is much lighter despite the lower power consumption. Service life of a xenon bulb is approx. 20 hours.


CCT Technology

Warm white light: comparable with conventional lamps as bulbs or gas discharged lamps to ensure usual optimum illumination during otoscopic examination. Spectral composition of the light similar to bulbs, gas discharged lamps.
Cold white light: for more detailed and improved contrast images, particularly in the red spectrum. Spectral composition of the light allows a more detailed view of the vessels and areas with strong blood circulation due to enhanced absorption.


WHO Scale

Unique colour coding system demonstrates immediately, if blood pressure is optimal (green), normal (yellow), high normal (orange) or hypertonic (red).


SHOCK Protected

Our manometers are safe against overpressure and equipped with a noncorrosive mechanism, that absorbs even shocks. Perfect safety.



The surface of the instrument is coated with a special coating powder. The regular cleaning effort is reduced significantly and the highquality appearance is retained for the long term.

luxamed integrated

Integrierte Glasfaser

Laryngoscope blade with integrated fibre optics for optimal light emission by the use of the maximum possible number of fibres. No dust collecting cracks – easy cleaning and sterilisation.

luxamed usb


USB-Port: easy charging at a power supply or a computer. Integrated charging technology inside device. No separate charging station necessary. The current state of battery charge is indicated by LED at the bottom.