The LuxaScope Auris LED.

Original, elegant lines as well as shining aluminium accents make the LuxaScope Auris LED otoscope a real eye-catcher. Only the most innovative materials of the highest quality are selected and used for manufacturing this otoscope. Best handicraft production is combined with the most modern technology. One convincing example: with our unique illumination, an innovative LED-Ring (LED-RING-TECHNOLOGY 1 ) the use of the traditional fibre optics is unnecessary – with a nevertheless free field of vision and optimum illumination in the application area. The LEDs are driven by a constant current. This guarantees a considerably longer service life. No bulb changes necessary.


The LuxaScope Auris LED with integrated charging technology (USBTECHNOLOGY 2 ) enables easy charging at a power supply or a computer without using a charging station.

Our LuxaScope Auris CCT LED makes the difference! The unique illumination (CCT Technology 3 ) with 2 x 4 LEDs allows the otoscopic examination with warm white as well as with cold white light. Switchable with one button press. Warm white light is comparable with conventional lamps as bulbs or gas discharged lamps to ensure usual optimum illumination during otoscopic examination.

Cold white light for more detailed and improved contrast images, particularly in the red spectrum. Spectral composition of the light allows a more detailed view of the vessels and areas with strong blood circulation due to enhanced absorption.

Focused on the essential. Made by LUXAMED.


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