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Disposable Ear Funnels

Disposable Ear Funnels 2mmDisposable Ear Funnels 4mmDisposable Ear Funnels bulked


  • for single use for a hygienic application
  • compatible with all current models
  • made of polypropylene, therefore odourless and skin-friendly, physiological harmless
  • anthracite
  • in bulk, packaged in a box

Quantity / Item numbers

ve 100
A5.101.144 2.5 mm x 100
A5.102.144 4.0 mm x 100
 ve 10x100
A5.101.164 2.5 mm x 100, unit =10 x100
A5.102.164 4.0 mm x 100, unit =10 x100
 ve 1000
A5.101.184 2.5 mm x 1000
A5.102.184 4.0 mm x 1000

Insufflation Bulb

Insufflation Bulb assembled

  • for pneumatic test
  • for all LuxaScope Auris LED otoscopes

Item number


Spare parts LuxaScope Auris LED

A9.411.112 LED otoscope head, black
A9.411.212 LED otoscope head, blue
A9.411.312 LED otoscope head, grey
A9.016.112 2.5 V otoscope handle, black
A9.016.212 2.5 V otoscope handle, blue
A9.016.312 2.5 V otoscope handle, grey
A9.026.112 3.7 V otoscope handle, black, incl. lithium-ion rechargeable battery
A9.026.212 3.7 V otoscope handle, blue, incl. lithium-ion rechargeable battery
A9.026.312 3.7 V otoscope handle, grey, incl. lithium-ion rechargeable battery
E5.700.014 Recharger with USB plug and adapter EU/UK/US
X5.040.091 2 x alkaline batteries AAA 1.5 V

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