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Disposable Ear Funnels

250 Disposable Ear Funnels BoxDisposable Ear Funnels 2mmDisposable Ear Funnels 4mmDisposable Ear Funnels bulked


  • for single use for a hygienic application
  • compatible with all current models
  • made of polypropylene, therefore odourless and skin-friendly, physiological harmless
  • anthracite
  • in bulk, packaged in a box

Quantity / Item numbers

ve 100
A5.101.144 2.5 mm x 100
A5.102.144 4.0 mm x 100
 ve 10x100
A5.101.164 2.5 mm x 100, unit =10 x100
A5.102.164 4.0 mm x 100, unit =10 x100
 ve 1000
A5.101.184 2.5 mm x 1000
A5.102.184 4.0 mm x 1000
 ve 250
A5.101.124 Disposable Ear Funnels 2.5 mm, grey, 250 pcs. in cardboard box
A5.102.124 Disposable Ear Funnels 4.0 mm, grey, 250 pcs. in cardboard box

Insufflation Bulb

Insufflation Bulb assembled

  • for pneumatic test
  • for all LuxaScope Auris LED otoscopes

Item number


Spare parts LuxaScope Auris LED

A9.411.112 LED otoscope head, black
A9.411.212 LED otoscope head, blue
A9.411.312 LED otoscope head, grey
A9.016.112 2.5 V otoscope handle, black
A9.016.212 2.5 V otoscope handle, blue
A9.016.312 2.5 V otoscope handle, grey
A9.026.112 3.7 V otoscope handle, black, incl. lithium-ion rechargeable battery
A9.026.212 3.7 V otoscope handle, blue, incl. lithium-ion rechargeable battery
A9.026.312 3.7 V otoscope handle, grey, incl. lithium-ion rechargeable battery
E5.700.014 Recharger with USB plug and adapter EU/UK/US
X5.040.091 2 x alkaline batteries AAA 1.5 V

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