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The LuxaScope Oculus LED.

Original, elegant lines as well as shining aluminium accents make the LuxaScope Oculus LED ophthalmoscope a real eye-catcher. Only the most innovative materials of the highest quality are selected and used for manufacturing this otoscope. Best handicraft production is combined with the most modern technology.

The LUXAMED® ophthalmoscopes fully comply with all requirementsof DIN EN ISO 10942 and are therefore group A devices.

With the corrective lens wheel from +20 to -20 diopters, an exact direct ophthalmic examination of the retina and the supplying blood vessels is easily possible. Perfectly adaptable to the examination through 5 apertures, the ophthalmoscope thereby guarantees a brilliant image quality.

The LuxaScope Oculus LED with integrated charging technology (USB TECHNOLOGY 2 ) enables easy charging at a power supply or a computer without using a charging station.

Focused on the essential. Made by LUXAMED.


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