LuxaScope Sonus NPX for Children and Newborns

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The stainless steel chest piece is CNC-milled from solid material and guarantees with finest mechanics for excellent sound characteristics due to the perfectly tuned mass proportion of chest piece to diaphragm.

Our new binaurals with unique SOFTBUDS ear tips in sound insulating design guarantee perfect auscultation without any interfering background noises as well as a pleasant wearing comfort. SOFTBUDS ear tips adapt optimally to the auditory canal and prevent any disturbing background noises. Nevertheless, the binaural can be moved noiselessly. The SOFTBUDS fit comfortably in ear and are easy to clean and replace. The LuxaScope Sonus NPX is supplied with each 1 pair of SOFTBUDS in size S/M/L for the most pleasant wearing comfort.

Just listen to the excellent and well-considered details…


  • Double chest piece made of stainless steel for auscultation of high frequencies (with diaphragm) and low frequencies (with bell). The bell function is possible by simply removing the small diaphragm.
  • high quality mechanics, CNC-milled from solid material
  • Weight chest piece: 95 g
  • Diameter large diaphragm: 32 mm
  • Diameter small diaphragm / bell: 22 mm
  • Total length: 77 cm
  • excellent sound characteristics due to the perfectly tuned mass proportion of chest piece to Vibrason diaphragm. Reversible, suitable for all frequency ranges
  • retaining ring of diaphragm made of light metal with SOFTFEEL coating for more comfort on the skin. Fine thread for long shelf life and easy exchanging of the Vibrason diaphragm – no use of plastic due to increased wear.
  • moveable SOFTBUDS ear tips made of soft silicone in sound insulating design for most intensive hearing: pleasant wearing comfort because soft on the outside, thereby perfect adaptation to the auditory canal to prevent any disturbing background noises and for optimum sound transmission. The inside plastic body prevents the inadvertend closing of the acoustic noise during head movements. Easy to replace, incl. each 1 pair of SOFTBUDS in size S/M/L
  • almost no dirt accumulation between retaining ring of diaphragm and chest piece for quick and easy clean.
  • latex- and nickel-free

Item numbers

  • G1.221.114, LuxaScope Sonus NPX, black (large diaphragm and small diaphragm / bell)
  • G1.221.914, LuxaScope Sonus NPX, white (large diaphragm and small diaphragm / bell)


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