The LuxaScope Laryngoscope Family.

A laryngoscope with different blades should be found in every emergency case, ambulance and emergency ambulance as it is required as part of resuscitation for intubation. Also, it is daily working equipment of anaesthesiologists in the operating room. Reliability, safety and an excellent view are needs for safe intubation.

Therefore, we use exclusively the latest LEDs and high-quality materials in the production of our fibre optic laryngoscope family. Blades according to Macintosh, Miller and McCoy in all common sizes with integrated or replaceable fibre glass ensure individual adjustment to almost all applications.

However, the heart of a laryngoscope system is the handle. The quality is especially characterized by illumination and longevity. This is confirmed by chrome-plated surfaces as well as quality bulbs with optimum luminosity. Our handles ensure easy cleaning and hygiene. We deliberately forego fluted handle surfaces to avoid dirt accumulation. Lateral grooves ensure easy cleaning and secure grip in the hand.


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